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PHOTO/VIDEO PRESS RESOURCES - Click to go straight to VIDEO - HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS (including 14 October 2004 outside the Court of Appeal).

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Photos shown below are available free of charge except where noted otherwise (provided that they are correctly cited). All changes to text must be indicated and must not mislead the reader/listener. All cropping of images must not mislead the viewer about the original context of the full image. See PRESS PAGE for contact details for Press Team.


VIDEO AVAILABLE                        (return to top)
High Quality digital video (mini DV-cam) is available.
Samples of the videos are available (as non-broadcast quality *.MOV files) at Indymedia as indicated below.

  1. London to Fairford Coaches Denied Right to Protest (11 minutes) by David Kaplowitz
    Documentary filmmaker David Kaplowitz (In Whose Interest) filmed the events on coach 3, and interviewed many passengers during the journey. To see a David's film from the Fairford Coaches, watch here:  NOTE: Footage and stills can not be sampled from this documentary without the permission of David Kaplowitz.

  2. ON THE BUSES (12 Minutes) by Zoe Young/Indymedia
    Zoe Young's short documentary based on footage from coaches 1 and 2 has be shown at the
    World Social Forum 2004 in Mumbai. Click here to watch at blip tv and also here to watch at vimeo. Note: Footage and stills from On the Buses cannot be used without express permission.
    The 5 minutes of most dramatic footage are available to press in miniDV format to assist the press in locating the precise footage desired.

To use this footage on TV or in film, contact our footage sales distributor Emma Simpson (0208 786 6051). of Journeyman Films.
Tel: 020 8941 9994
Fax: 020 8941 9899

Journeyman Pictures is London's leading independent distributor of topical news features, documentaries and footage. 75A Walton Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0DP, United Kingdom

Here is a link to On The Buses documentary also distributed by Journeyman.

PHOTOS                        (return to top)

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS OF THE COACH DETENTION - There was a professional photographer present who photographed the coaches and what happened on the day of the coach kidnapping for images. Guy Smallman was one of a few accredited journos who were kidnapped along with the protesters. He has a selection of pics from the day (one of which appeared in The Guardian after the initial High Court ruling).
Contact Guy Smallman 07956 429 059 (These photos are ready to be wired directly to the picture desk).

NON-PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS - The following photos are all available free of royalties. They are each by amateur photographers present on the coaches unless otherwise noted. For professional photos, contact Guy Smallman (see above).

The photos below can be used freely provided they are attributed to the source given (where no source is indicated below a photo, attribute to "anonymous"). To access a higher quality version of the image click on the image.

The above image was created using images from a video by documentary filmmaker David Kaplowitz.



(There was a torrential downpour on the first day of our Court of Appeal Hearing)

(In spite of the rain, people turned out for the demonstration in support of the right to protest)
(We passed out the specially commissioned leaflet from Bath's own Hedonist Press)

(The colorful samba band provided a sense of occasion)

(The police shown on the steps were busy photographing the people attending the demonstration)

(Other photos are available on this site for viewing purposes only - click here)

QUOTES FROM COACH PASSENGERS AND MORE                    (return to top)
Short Quotes about the Fairford Coach Action are available for use in the press. Click here.