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This page provides general information that will be useful to members of the press. There is also a second page which provides resources to the press.

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1. Press Releases (ours, our solicitor's, and others)

2. Contact information (for us and our solicitors).

2. Digital video footage available for broadcast (details on request)

4. Professional photos available from Guy Smallman

5. Quotes Page from Mark Thomas, Amnesty, MPs & MEPs (etc), Liberty, and passengers.

3. Court Hearings page with full details about each stage of the court hearings (Judicial Review, Court of Appeal, etc).

4. Press Coverage (on our ABOUT page) features links to all the press coverage we have received. We have received press coverage from the Channel 4 News, ITV (London Tonight), The Press Association (PA News), BBC TV (incl. BBC Breakfast), BBC London, BBC regional radio, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and other news sources.



If you are a member of the press and would like to interview/speak to a participant in the Fairford Coach Action, this can be easily arranged. We have access to high quality video footage and photos which press may be interested in. You may be interested in our CD-Rom featuring our entire website and the two movies of the coach "kidnapping" by police.

You can phone our press team with any press enquiry: (more numbers will appear here shortly)

07817 483 167 (Jane) - 07814 587 361 (Jesse) - 07931 316 970 (Zoe)

You can e-mail our press team directly at  We will be happy to refer you to a coach passenger who can speak about the legal action and their own experience on the coaches. Release of video footage or photos may be arranged on a case by case basis.

PHOTOS (PROFESSIONAL) OF THE COACH DETENTION - There was a professional photographer present who photographed the coaches and what happened on the day of the coach kidnapping for images.
Contact Guy Smallman 07956 429 059 (These photos are ready to be wired directly to the picture desk).

Note: a few non-professional photos by passengers are available for free here.

VIDEO (PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL FOOTAGE) OF THE COACH DETENTION - Four independent camerapersons were filming the events on the day of the coach detention. Their footage is available. Click here for more info


The solicitor representing the case, John Halford, can be contacted at Bindman & Partners ( on 020 7833 4433. The details of the legal challenge are all available on our judicial review page.

PRESS RELEASES from Bindman and Partners

13 October 2004 - Lord Chief Justice to rule on anti-war protest test case

19 February 2004 - Anti-war protesters win landmark ruling in Human Rights test case



08 December 2006 - Lords to rule on freedom to protest

17 October 2006 - "Kidnapped" anti-war protestors take police to the House of Lords

05 October 2006 - Protestors bring anti-war "coach-napping" test case to House of Lords

20 May 2005 - House of Lords to hear anti-war protestors' test case

22 March 2005 - Two years on, coach-napped protestors await House of Lords decision

08 December 2004 - Coach-napped protestors "virtually prisoners" rules Court of Appeal

07 December 2004 - 'Coach-napped' protestors await appeal ruling

06 December 2004 - UK Right to protest case - Court of Appeal ruling due on Wednesday 8 December

29 November 2004 - Court of Appeal to rule on police "coach-napping" case in December

11 October 2004 - 'Coach-napped' protestors appeal "chilling" High Court judgement

18 March 2004 - 'Coach-napped' protestors to appeal High Court judgement

9 February 2004 - High Court victory for "Coach-napped" protestors

17 February 2004 - High Court to rule on police "coach-napping" case

12 January 2004 - "Kidnapped" protestors challenge police containment tactics

3 September 2003 - "Kidnapped" coach passengers win right to challenge draconian mass detention tactics


PRESS RELEASES from Lynne Jones Labour MP for Birmingham Selly Oak

8 December 2004 - News from Lynne Jones MP - Coach-napped protestors "virtually prisoners" rules Court of Appeal

PRESS RELEASES from London Assembly Green Party Jenny Jones, Deputy Mayor

18 February 2004 - “Coach-Napped” Protestors get London Deputy Mayor's Support Judgement to be given in Court Case Against the Police

15 January 2004 - Deputy Mayor appalled by Met Police Illegal Arrests

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