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May 2008

6th - British TV company Channel 4 shows Taking Liberties at 10pm on a Tuesday night through it's "More4" station (this station is available to Virgin and Sky TV subscribers and without subscription to people with a digital box that receives Freeview).

January 2008

16th - Chris Atkins nearly wins a BAFTA award for his film Taking Liberties. Chris is one of five finalists for THE CARL FOREMAN AWARD for Special Achievement by a British Director, Writer or Producer in their First Feature Film.

October 2007

18th - Defendent Chief Superintendent Kevin Lambert MBE receives recognition for his Police work at the Airwave Police Professional 2007 Awards. Lambert was the Runner Up for the category of Organisational Performance Award (sponsored by Serco).

15th - Chris Atkins' film Taking Liberties is released on DVD, so now people around the world and around the country will be able to watch the memorable scenes of the Fairford Coaches detention from the comfort of their own home.

Taking Liberties

June 2007

8th - Chris Atkins' film Taking Liberties is released nationally. This film features the story of the Fairford Coaches and has footage from the passengers. The coach scenes look great on the big screen.

October 2006

23rd - The Fairford Coach films will be shown today (Monday 23 October 2006) at the new film evening known as MauMau. Click here for a map. The venue address is 265 Portobello Bar, Notting Hill, LONDON, W11 1LR, nearest Tube is Ladbroke Grove. Starts at 7.30pm, closes 11pm - for more info -

9th - Our case will be heard at House of Lords on the 23rd-25th of October 2006, and there will be a screening of the Fairford Coach films on Portobello road in the evening of the 23rd. The judgement is anticipated in December 2006 or January 2007. More details to follow.

June 2006

Defendent Chief Superintendent Kevin Lambert MBE changes police forces (from Gloucestershire to Northumbria Police's South Tyneside Area Command)

December 2005

Defendent Chief Superintendent Kevin Lambert is awarded an MBE for services to the police.

May 2005

20th - We have been granted permission to appeal our case at the highest domestic court available - the House of Lords.

December 2004

8th - We have a judgement handed down by the Court of Appeal. The judgement upholds the decision of the lower court. For more info, click here.

4th - Portobello Film Fest are screening 'On the Buses' again on Monday 6th December. The film will be shown in the evening between 8 and 9 pm at Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, W10.

October 2004

18th - We now have strange news to report of a Written Answer to MP Lynne Jones' Parliamentary Question about numbers of people searched in Lechlade. The Gloucestershire police seem to have claimed to the Home Office that there were only 25 people searched under section 60 powers at Lechlade on the 22nd of March 2003. See Stop and Search Powers (15 Oct 2004 : Column 414W).

14th & 15th - Our two days of the Appeal Court hearings. Our new leaflet is available (layout and printing by Hedonist Press). Download a copy here (320kb). The leaflet proves very popular indeed with approximately 300 copies distributed outside the courts. Even more popular is the wonderful groove of the various Sambatistas who graced our morning demos on both days with lovely music. See a report and photos from the second day's demo.

1st - We have now heard that civil rights campaigning organisation Liberty will be submitting a written appeal on our behalf as part of the Court of Appeal Case on 14-15 October 2004.

July 2004

31st - The Liberty led section 44 (anti-terror) search case concerning the policing at DSEi has had a judgment delivered from the Court of Appeals. This case is also a Human Rights case concerning policing which inhibits protest activity. Visit for the current info on the DSEi s44 searches case.

26th - We have news in that the Portobello Film Festival will feature Zoe Young's film On the Buses (a short documentary about the Fairford Coaches detention) on the 6th and 20th of August 2004.

21st - The Fairford Five have won a High Court judgement reversal on some aspects of the Bristol Crown Court decision. The Fairford Five case is a separate legal campaign from the Fairford Coaches but people interested in our case will likely be interested in their legal campaign also. On the 29th and 30th of June, five anti war campaigners appealed to the High Court for permission to use certain standard legal defences at their individual trials. On July 21st the High Court judgement arrived. Each of the Fairford Five will stand trial for attempts to disarm the American B-52 bombers or support equipment at RAF Fairford just before the commencement of the War on Iraq. A useful archive of the Fairford Five's legal case is available at the B-52 Two website. Further links to this important case are at our links page.

May 2004

10th - The High Court appeal of the judicial review judgement has been scheduled for the 14-15 October, 2004. This corresponds with the first two days of the London based European Social Forum.

March 2004

18th - The High Court judicial review judgement was mixed, and we've decided to appeal the aspects of the judgement which claimed that the police were right to turn us away from the lawful demonstration. This appeal hearing will occur within the next 6-12 months, but the hearing date is not yet known. The case will continue to be argued as a Human Rights case, and it could eventually reach the European Court of Human Rights. For details, see our press release.

February 2004

26th - PUBLIC EVENT - The two passenger films were shown today at SOAS at our public event. The event included speakers from Bindmans (John Halford), Liberty (Alex Gask), and Fairford Peace Camp. Our solicitor John Halford discussed the 19 February High Court Judgement (click here to read the text of his presentation).

19th - The High Court judicial review judgement was delivered today. The High Court judges ruled in our favour. They ruled that the police unlawfully detained us on the coaches for more than two hours on 22 March 2004. We will be deciding about whether to appeal the less favourable aspects of the decision within the next 28 days. The police will also be deciding about whether they will choose to appeal or not.

January 2004

16th - The two-day judicial review hearing finished today and we were pleased with the arguments presented by our barrister Michael Fordham. We look forward to the Judgement Hearing (within 3-4 weeks). The press seem very interested in our story. This week we've had articles or interviews with Channel 4 News, ITV, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian. Most press we speak to, say that they plan to cover the story when the ruling is handed down.

December 2003

12th - A hearing date in the High Court has now been set for the 15th and 16th of January 2004. Full details are available.

October 2003

31st - News about a related judicial review case. The High Court gave a ruling on the DSEi Anti-terror Searches judicial review. The full details of this ruling are available an unofficial website which is hosted by the Fairford Coach Action. As the outcome was unfavourable (though not entirely unfavourable), the legal team from Liberty plan to appeal the case in the High Court later this year.

14th - The Fairford Coach Action received a large donation to our Legal Costs from a fund created in 2000 to support a Trident Plowshares case.  In 2000, the Scottish High Court was considering the Trident Ploughshares case arising from Sheriff Gimblett's judgment three years ago. Money was raised to pay for transcriptions of the proceedings at the Lord Advocate's Reference.  The money was donated very generously and there was some left over.

The fund "decided to keep this for peace activists who needed legal funding and Fairford Coach Action seemed to fit the bill excellently". The donation to the Fairford Coach Action was very generous, and has now covered our remaining legal costs. To view the transcriptions of the Lord Advocate's Reference, see

Sept 2003

Channel 45th - Channel 4 runs an exclusive on the Fairford Coach Action. The footage from the coaches is shown for the first time on television. Zoe Young is interviewed. For the text from the story by Simon Israel, click here. To see three pictures from this news item, click here.

Aug 2003

12th - Permission has now been granted to have the case heard as a Judicial Review. The specific court date has not been set, but the earliest date expected would be near to the beginning of 2004. Anyone who wishes to support the case can donate money toward the cost of the case (see HELP page for details)

July 2003

16th - Liberty, GWI and Berks CIA have issued their own dossier - Casualty of War - 8 weeks of counter-terrorism in rural England relating the experiences of protesting at Fairford during the period when, for the first time in the UK, section 44 Terrorism Act 2000 stop and search powers were used. The policing tactics around Fairford base are described in detail and the occasion of the 3 coach mobile detention from Letchlade to London is mentioned. The three organisations have also published the leaflet Can you spot the difference (Gloucestershire police can't) which features several accounts of the section 44 searches by individuals who were searched at Fairford.

-For press release see Liberty website
-See the full report Casualty of War - 8 weeks of counter-terrorism in rural England
-See the leaflet Can you spot the difference (Gloucestershire police can't)

"An investigation by human rights group Liberty into the policing of peace demonstrations at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, during the recent invasion of Iraq has revealed fundamental breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights."

June 2003

20th - We secured legal funding that will allow a Judicial Review to proceed.

April 2003

9th - The website is launched tonight.

8th - People are submitting statements and registering with the solicitors. We are still waiting to find out what course of action Bindmans and Partners will recommend.

March 2003

22nd - The coaches are stopped and forced back to London by police.