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This page is for links to sites that are of particular significance to the Fairford Coach Action

Bindman and Partners

The B-52 Two
Oxford peace activists Toby Olditch and Philip Pritchard entered RAF Fairford and attempted to disarm USAF B-52 bombers early on 18th March 2003.  The resulting legal campaign encompasses the cases of five activists in total (the "Fairford Five" are Toby Olditch, Philip Pritchard, Josh Richards, Paul Milling and Margaret Jones).  Each of these activists will stand trial for their attempts to enter RAF Fairford and disarm planes/support vehicles during the lead up to the Iraq War in 2003.  The Fairford Five have gone to the High Court to seek permission to to use three standard defences at their trials.  For information about the Fairford Five legal cases, see Clare Dyer's excellent articles in the Guardian from 29th June and 1st July, 2004.

Fairford Peacewatch (this site is no longer available)
Some pages on this site are out of date, but please see page about the Fairford Five trials.

Gloucestershire Constabulary

Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors

UK Indymedia

Unofficial website about the legal challenge of police anti-terror searches of 2003 DSEi protesters. - (This mini-site is generously hosted by the Fairford Coach Action website)