Help - General

F a i r f o r d  C o a c h  A c t i o n


This page is our general help page for all people who would like to offer support to the Fairford Coach Action. Coach passengers should also visit the help page that provides advice for coach passengers.

1. Financial help no longer needed
The group were asked to meet £2,000 of the legal costs as a condition of the case receiving legal aid. This amount was paid in full.

2. Letters/Articles in newspapers needed
Consider writing a letter to a local paper or a national paper to express your concern about what happened to the three coaches from London on 22 March, 2003. If you get a letter published, please contact us at the email address below. Also, please consider putting information about the Fairford Coach Action into any activist newsletters/message boards that you feel appropriate

Contact us at the following address (but remove the words NOSPAM before sending so that it just reads info@fairford...)