23 OCT 06
Mass Solo

F a i r f o r d  C o a c h  A c t i o n


Authorised Mass Demo (and Mass Solo Demos)
9.30-10.30am Monday 23rd of October 2006, Parliament Square
(Solo Demos are in similar manner as Mark Thomas' monthly Mass Lone Demos)

DOWNLOAD LEAFLETS AND DISTRIBUTE (print double sided on A4 if possible to get 4 leaflets per sheet)

1. Authorised Mass Protest OPTION

If you don't manage to apply for permission for a solo demonstration but you wish to protest without risk of arrest, don't worry - you can still legally join the "Mass Demonstration for the Fairford Coach case". This will be held from 9am-5pm on each of the three days of the hearings. This includes the hour of "Solo Demos". It will provide blanket permission for protest in Parliament Square by supporters of the Fairford Coaches. The police may apply conditions on this event, in which case these conditions will be indicated at this website.

NOTE: The application for Mass protest is being made by the organiser Jesse Schust (0781 458 7361) on behalf of the "I'm looking for justice in the House of Lords! organisation" - this organisation is established for the sole purpose of legalising the some mass public demonstration for case being heard at the House of Lords.

2. Authorised Mass solo demos
The SOCPA laws make it illegal to demonstrate support for our case without applying to the police beforehand, so we invite people to hold their own solo demonstrations at 9.30-10.30 on the first day of the hearing.

We encourage solo demonstrations of solidarity with the Fairford Coach passengers and their appeal case. If it is reasonably practical, you will need to file your application at any Police Station of the Metropolitan Police by the deadline of Tuesday October 17. If it is not "reasonably practical" for you, you must submit your application before 9am on Sunday 22 October in order for the solo demo to be legal. This is all you need to know, but more detailed info of how to apply legally can be found at Mark Thomas' website http://www.markthomasinfo.com/demo/default.asp

Download and complete the application form (MS Word or PDF). The completed forms should be brought into a Metropolitan Police Station, the Station Officer should sign the form in the appropriate place. The police should then photocopy the form and hand you a copy (unless you say you don't need a copy). Then your protest will legal. If police feel they need to set conditions on the protest, they will get in touch with you.

NOTE: This approach is modelled on Mark Thomas's initiative of having monthly "Mass Lone Demonstrations" on the third Wednesday of every month (currently 6pm-8pm).

3. Non-authorised solo (or group) demos (this option is NOT LEGAL)
It is entirely your choice whether or not to comply with the draconian SOCPA regulations, and we welcome your solidarity whichever way you choose to demonstrate. Please note that non-compliance with SOCPA runs the risk of being arrested. This matter is your choice - for more info on the legal situation for people challenging SOCPA, visit People in Common and the Parliament Square Protest blog, the Brian Haw support campaign website, and the Wikipedia entry on the SOCPA legislation.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT AMPLIFICATION - Due to SOCPA laws, it is not legal to use any amplified instruments or loud-hailer in the SOCPA zone. Additionally, for the comfort of all demonstrators we would ask that you don't bring loudhailers today.

also happening on Monday 23rd of October
(11am start of hearing on Monday, but admissions begin at 10.30am - public capacity is 30)
1st day of Appeal Hearing at the House of Lords, Parliament (click here for details)
The reason for the demonstrating is that this is the first day of the appeal hearing. This appeal hearing comes two years after our previous appeal at the Court of Appeal. This is our final domestic remedy. The hearing will break for lunch and finish by 4pm each day. In the evening, there will be a film screening of the Fairford Coach films in Portabello Road. Details will be posted here.