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Unsolicited words of support sent to us.

Chris Bluemel (Hereford), 28 March, 2003
Chris, 9 April 2003

James Tyler, 4 September 2003
(name withheld by request), 9 September 2003
Niki Adams (Legal Action for Women)

28 March, 2003

Subject: Coach incident

I cannot express how angry I was when I read about what happened to you on the coaches to Fairford. I offer my fullest sympathies to all of you involved, and share your condemnation of this disgusting violation of human rights.

Chris Bluemel, Hereford

9 April 2003

Hi. I saw this evening on the stopthewar website that you want to pursue a legal challenge against the police for the way they abused peace demonstrators at Fairford recently. I have no idea how useful this may be to your case but I was incensed to discover that my brother - in - law, a police officer with the West Midlands police service, has been working as a member of ' riot control ' team at Fairford.

As I understand the law, we are not supposed to have a 'national' police service, so what exactly was he doing there? If it is the case that he should not be in Gloucestershire, perhaps you will have more of a case to present against the authorities if they themselves are shown to be operating outside the law. At the very least, it may not sit well with the public if this was publicised in the press, just as there was public outcry in 1984, during the Miners' strike, when it was shown that police were being misused around the country to satisfy the political will of the government rather than uphold the law and safety of the public. ( Indeed, at that time soldiers who should have been on tour of duty in West Germany at the time were seen dressed as police officers during the infamous battles between colliers and officers of the law.)

If you would like to follow this further, do contact me.

My thoughts will be with you on Saturday as I march with friends in silence through Parliament Square.

Best Wishes to you


4 September, 2003

Subject: Little note of support.

Dear Fairford coach action,

Strayed across your website by accident, actually looking for articles on Steve Gough (the naked hitch hiker!), and I am completely disgusted by your treatment at the hands of the Police and Government.

I am not a pacifist and actually supported the action against Iraq, but I also fully believe that you should have been allowed to express fully your opinion and your right to protest freely.

Your brutal treatment at the hands of the police, not being able to stop, the drivers being bullied and threatened by them is completely disgusting and it is shameful of our society that it happened, I can only imagine the fear and worry that was caused by their actions.

I hope your action against them is succesful and i wish you every success with this campaign, I may not agree with your opinions or views but i will support to the end your right to express them freely and peacefully at anytime and anywhere.

Kind Regards,

James Tyler

9 September 2003


I have just read about your 'coachnapping' on the Channel 4 website and I am highly alarmed.

It is possible that this occurrence is a 'testing of the water' to guage your reaction and the public reaction.

You have a responsibility to us all to ensure that Gloucestershire Constabulary are thoroughly hung out to dry over this case because if they get away with this, you can expect more of this in the future - lawfully done next time.

Also, I was not aware that this incident had occurred. Please make sure you publicize the progress of your Judicial Review extensively - whichever way it goes.

Thank you.

[name withheld by request]

Please convey our very best wishes and best of luck for the case tomorrow to all the passengers. Unfortunately, we cannot be with you but will be routing for you and hoping that you win this important victory for all of us.

Power to the sisters,

Niki Adams
Legal Action for Women