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These are photos of the Fairford Coaches, their journey, and the High Court Judicial Review. There are more photos at the Press Resources page. There are also other photos available at other sites.

These images should not be used without permission of the owners.

For photos to use in publications/websites, please visit our Press Resources page which features a a selection of high resolution photos which have been approved for use without specific permission. Enjoy these photos.

The next 5 photos come from Indymedia articles.

15 January 2004 - Demonstration outside the High Courts on the day of the Judicial Review.

Channel 4 interviewing someone about the case outside the High Court on the first day of the Judicial Review.

The Samba Band playing outside the High Court as part of the demonstration on the first day of the Judicial Review.

The Samba Band on the first day of the judicial review hearing.

Collage from the video footage taken by passengers on the coaches.

Top left - Police forcing the coach door shut on a passenger.
Top right - Police holding the coach door shut shut.
Middle left - Police threatening the driver on one of the coaches.
Middle right - One of our legal observers taking notes.
Lower left - Police running alongside departing coach to keep coach door shut.
Lower right - Police videoing everything the whole time.


Photo Collage of 22 March 2003 - Coach Passenger experience

The photos in these collages were taken by passengers on the coaches. Note the empty motorway on the side of the coaches. This was because the police were preventing raffic in front and behind from reaching the coaches.

This image shows a bus passing an exit on the Motorway. The sign in the window has been blown up for clarity of viewing. We had many signs in the windows. It was our only means of communicating with the police. Note how police positioned their motorcycles in order to block the coaches from leaving the motorway. In addition to the police you see here, there were frequently police at the front, back and sides of the coaches in cars, vans and motorcycles.

This is a photo from within one of the coaches showing one of the signs that was placed in the windows of the coach in order to communicate the passengers' sentiments.

(Want more photos, visit the Press Resources Page for a slightly different selection which feature many high resolution photos).